We’re making “much ado” about Shakespeare!

Very excited to announce the cast for Prana’s first-ever Shakespearean play, All the World’s A Stage! The show will be performed outdoors in early spring.

Cast of Characters by Actor (And which play they are from!)
Actor 1: Jacques (As You Like It), Benedick (Much Ado About Nothing) Claudius (Hamlet), Richard III (Richard III) – Alex Cashin
Actor 2: 1st Witch (Macbeth) – Olivia Beaudet
Actor 3: 2nd Witch (Macbeth) – Sadie Bigelow
Actor 4: 3rd Witch (Macbeth) – Olivia Huntington
Actor 5: 4th Witch (my invention/lines from Macbeth) – Drew Cummings
Actor 6: Puck (A Midsummer Night’s Dream) – May Shade
Actor 7: Beatrice (Much Ado About Nothing), Cassius (Julius Caesar), Tybalt (Romeo and Juliet) – Abigail Halstead
Actor 8: Macbeth (Macbeth), Romeo (Romeo and Juliet), Iago (Othello) – Saachi Chandrakant
Actor 9: Lady Macbeth (Macbeth), Juliet (Romeo and Juliet), Hamlet (Hamlet) – Allyson Forbes

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