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Winter classes and productions now open for enrollment! Our first-ever Shakespeare play, plus Anne of Green Gables. Details here ...

Yoga 7 days a week! Details below.

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Acting for Kids & Yoga for Everyone!

Welcome to the Prana Center

The Prana Center is a warm, welcoming studio where children can learn and grow through the performing arts, and adults can find a respite from their busy lives with supportive Yoga classes.

Yoga 7 days a week!

All classes currently on Zoom. Looking forward to bringing back Outdoor classes in the spring! Yoga schedule here


Shakespeare invented the word alligator (and other crazy but true facts about the Bard!)

So excited for our first-ever Shakespeare play! I know dead white men aren't in fashion but to understand modern theatre our young actors need to wrap their minds around the Bard. His complex characters with their dense, rich dialogue gives actors amazing experience, especially when layered with a British accent!

It's hard to believe but Shakespeare used more than 20,000 words in his plays, and invented about 1,700 many of which we use today! Alligator (Romeo and Juliet), Bedroom (a Midsummer's Night Dream), Kissing (Love's Labour's Lost), and even Skim Milk! (Henry IV, Part 1). Check out this article at shakespeare.org for more fun facts!

Get all the details about our Shakespeare revue, All the World's A Stage, here!