Welcome to Yoga Classes at the Prana Center in Holliston!

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Currently teaching a combination of outdoor and Zoom classes!

We warmly welcome students of all ages, fitness levels, body types, and experience to our Yoga classes! Come, visit our friendly neighborhood studio. There’s always space for you!

If you are a beginner or have physical limitations, no worries! You’re covered because our experienced teachers offer variations and modifications. And we offer more challenging variations for advanced students.

Our outdoor classes are held at two different locations. Once you sign up, you will receive location information

To sign up for outdoor classes or purchase class cards - mind-body online.

After signing up, you will receive a confirmation email with the address. For questions, email

We are required by law to take only pre-registrations for in-person classes. Registration is strictly limited in size and physical distancing of 6 feet (minimum) outdoors and 14 feet indoors is observed.

You must sign up a minimum of 1 hour prior to each in-person class.

Use your class card or pre-purchase a drop in to any class. Cards and drop-ins can be purchased via mind-body online.

To reserve your spot in our Zoom classes, email
at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the class. You will need a Yoga card or pre-purchased drop-in.

We can't wait to see you in class!

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September 2020 Yoga Schedule

  • Sunday Yoga Classes
    9-10 am Virtual Kripalu Yoga with Weights - Zoom (Roberta Weiner)
  • Monday Yoga Classes
    9:15-10:15 am Outdoor Kripalu Yoga (Michele Proulx)
  • Tuesday Yoga Classes
    7:45-8:45 am Outdoor Slow Flow (Kathleen Snapper)
    9:15-10:15 am Outdoor Slow Flow (Kathleen Snapper)
  • Wednesday Yoga Classes
    9:15-10:15 am Kripalu Yoga (Michele Proulx)
    7-8 pm Virtual Kripalu Yoga (Roberta Weiner)
  • Thursday Yoga Classes
    7:45-8:45 am Outdoor Kripalu Yoga (Michele Proulx)
    9:15-10:15 am Beginner's Yoga (Michele Proulx)
  • Friday Yoga Classes
    9:15-10:15 am Virtual Yoga on the Ball (Roberta Weiner)
  • Saturday Yoga Classes
    9-10 am Outdoor Vinyasa Flow (Kathleen Snapper)

* Schedules subject to change. Please email to be added to our mailing list and get the latest updates.


  • 10-class card – $150
  • 25-class card – $300
  • Drop-in $20
  • Private classes for one person, $100/hour in our studio or $125/hour (minimum, depending on distance) at your home or office, depending on the availability of teachers
  • Private group classes, $15/person with a minimum of $150
  • Corporate yoga available – email
  • We are unfortunately unable to give refunds on class cards.

Class cards can be purchased through mind-body online. Or mail check to Prana Center, 21 Charles St., Holliston, MA 01746


Kripalu Yoga Classes

Mind, Body and Spirit.

If you haven’t tried Kripalu Yoga classes, you are in for a treat. There’s a special feeling in each Kripalu class as if you’re coming home to your own body, mind, and spirit. Our Kripalu-trained teachers help you develop mind, body, and spirit in a compassionate, non-judgmental way. You are guided to move at your own pace, honoring your body’s needs in each moment. You will stretch and tone muscles, and leave feeling energized and refreshed. All classes include pranayama (breathing exercises) and deep relaxation; some include seated meditation and Yoga Nidra. All Kripalu classes at the Prana Center include suggestions for modifications as needed. The practice of Kripalu Yoga comes from a long tradition in India and teachers are trained at the beautiful Kripalu Center in Stockbridge, MA

Beginner’s Yoga

Warm, welcoming class!

If you’ve meant to try Yoga, but something is holding you back, Beginner’s Yoga is a wonderful way to get started.
Yoga is a proven way to increase strength, flexibility, and balance, and is wonderfully relaxing. You will learn to breathe more deeply and find levels of peace and serenity you didn’t know were possible. Western science has recently caught up to what experienced practitioners know for sure in their bodies and minds – yoga (when practiced carefully with a certified teacher) truly helps heal aches and pains. It can help you manage weight and overall health.

A student writes:

I LOVE the class. Just love it love it love it. I sleep like a baby after each class. I swear it’s already contributed to my lowered blood pressure (confirmed by my tracking and doctor). During times of stress outside of class, I feel I’m already now equipped to breathe and relax and take myself to a peaceful state of mind I’ve never reached before thanks to this class. – Brook Henderson, Holliston

All Fitness Levels Welcome!
This class is for those of any fitness level and experience, from absolute beginners to those who want a brush-up!
Some good things to know: Yoga is done wearing comfortable clothes. Layers are great as we warm-up and cool down. Yoga is generally done barefoot. The Prana Center has mats you can borrow, and water is always available at no charge. There is a place to change if you want that!
Teacher: Michele Proulx

Yoga with Weights/Yoga on the Ball

Be Strong.

This powerful, enjoyable class adds low amounts of resistance to aid in building lean muscle and bone density. It is terrific for toning and weight management. The perfect class if you are looking to get stronger in a safe, controlled setting. Appropriate for all levels, including beginners. The teachers use a variety of tools, including hand weights and resistance bands, for a fun and varied practice. 

Every Friday and the first Sunday of the month, we practice Yoga on the Ball, using a stability ball along with hand weights for a full, varied practice. Mondays, we focus on hand weights. The class is also available on occasional Thursday mornings. Make sure you’re on the Prana email list for updates! 

Restorative Yoga

Candlelight and Chocolates!

This incredibly relaxing candlelight class weaves in gentle movement and stretching with a series of prop-supported postures that you hold passively, unwinding deeply-held tension and restoring balance to mind, body, and spirit. Roberta reads you poetry as you breathe and stretch into bliss. Class ends with deep relaxation guided by Roberta’s soothing voice, to ease you into a good night’s sleep. Have a chocolate after class, and appreciate it with mindfulness.

Restorative Yoga with Roberta is generally held the first Wednesday night of each month, from 7-8 pm. Come at 6:45 to set up if you can. Check the schedule for any changes due to holidays or vacations

Yoga Core

Build your core!

You are only as strong as your core! Yoga Core is a great Yoga class for anyone who wants to strengthen core muscles and build overall physical strength. A variety of methods are used from class to class, including work with Yoga Balls, floor work, core building during Vinyasa flow, and much more. Mary-Ellen (pictured) is a friendly, fun teacher who encourages you to go deeper and work harder, with compassion and mindfulness!

Morning Slow Flow

Start Your Morning Right

Morning Slow Flow begins with a gentle warm-up, providing an opportunity to settle the mind, wake up the body, and connect with the breath before moving into slow, mindful sun salutations. This prepares the body for a grounded warrior sequence and some playful balancing before returning to the floor for some stretching and strengthening postures on the stomach and back. Pose modifications are encouraged so all participants can find the practice that is right for them. The class ends with a few restorative poses and a final relaxation.

Yoga Nidra with Mindfulness Meditation

Ultimate Relaxation!

Discover the amazing benefits of the incredibly relaxing practice of Yoga Nidra. This enjoyable, easy practice is done lying down. The instructor leads you on a meditative journey that is not only relaxing but can also help you relieve stress, sleep better at night, and a calm mind and body. Each session will end with seated Mindfulness Meditation so you can focus the mind for a peaceful drive home. Instructor Roberta Weiner has led thousands of adults and children in Yoga Nidra sessions and has done multiple advanced trainings in Yoga Nidra at Kripalu Center.

Yin Yoga Discover Stillness.

Experience Breath and Balance As you Journey Inward with Yin Yoga

“If you have been doing yoga for a while now, you might be experiencing only half of the practice and just some of the benefits that are available to you. Yin Yoga is the other half,” says Bernie Clark in his book The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga.

Many of us have an active yoga practice, which is “yang,” targeting our muscles with rhythmic, repetitive movement to strengthen and lengthen the muscles. In a Yin practice, there is a sense of surrender and softening, moving slowly, targeting the deeper “yin” tissues of our ligaments, bones, and joints. These yin tissues are dryer and less elastic, so they do not have the same ability to stretch and elongate. They need to be compressed gently for a longer time. The longer the body is still, the more the energy becomes concentrated in, the deeper tissues.

In this class, teacher Kathleen Snapper will guide you into postures on the floor to target deeper connective tissue. Kathleen will guide you to work from a place where you feel a stretch or compression on the tissue but not pain. The work is done by remaining still, so we support the body with bolsters or blankets. Yin yoga is a very meditative practice and the hardest part may be remaining still once you are in a pose but this stillness in the body lets the muscles become inactive. When the body becomes quiet, the breath becomes quiet, and the mind slows down. We are able to cultivate a deep awareness of mind and body.

Yoga for Every Body

That includes YOUR body!

No matter what shape, size, or age you are, this class is a safe and gentle practice using a modified approach to yoga. Yoga for Every Body is specifically designed to modify the practice for your individual needs. We will practice variations to classical yoga postures to simplify the poses. Chairs and other tools will be offered as an aid to balance and stability, and a way to get the most benefit from the class. The practice will help you gain leg strength, better balance, and flexibility to help you move through daily life with greater ease. We will end the class in deep relaxation, balancing the body and mind. With regular practice, you will enjoy more energy, better breathing, and a calm mind.

Teacher Kathleen Snapper spent a week in New Hampshire this summer training with Peggy Cappy, known for her“Yoga for the Rest of Us” programs airing on PBS since 2002.

Family Yoga!

A fun way for families to connect! This playful monthly class includes movement and guided relaxation for an enjoyable hour for all! Suggested for children ages five and up with a parent, grandparent, or other adults! $10/person or $25 for the whole family!

Meet Our Wonderful Teachers!

Roberta Weiner

Roberta Weiner

Studio owner Roberta Weiner has practiced Yoga for more than 30 years and taught for 18 as a certified Kripalu and Hatha Yoga teacher. She loves tailoring the practice to meet the individual needs of students of all ages and ability levels. She credits her personal Yoga and Meditation practice with allowing her to enjoy her other passion, directing Youth Theater with casts of up to 90 children!

Her mission is to warmly welcome new students to the Prana Center and mentor new teachers to keep the love of Yoga growing! Roberta has hundreds of hours of additional Yoga training, especially in Yoga Nidra, Meditation, and teaching students with osteoporosis and arthritis to take care of their joints.

Mary-Ellen Dolan Kramer

Mary-Ellen Dolan Kramer

A certified Vinyasa Flow Teacher and Reiki 1 practitioner, loves sharing the physical and mental benefits of Yoga with her students. She is mindful that all students are on their own journeys and loves welcoming new students as well as assisting students who are looking for more challenges within their existing practice.

Laura Orth

Laura Orth

Laura Orth is a certified Kripalu Yoga teacher and Level 2 LifeForce Yoga Practitioner (pranayama for depression and anxiety). A clinical social worker, she discovered yoga doing advanced training to address depression and anxiety with Amy Weintraub. After experiencing the healing effects of a yoga practice after breast cancer, Laura was inspired to become a yoga teacher. Laura is a compassionate and enthusiastic teacher who enjoys the interplay of ancient and modern traditions.

Laura is one of four certified Kripalu Yoga teachers at the Prana Center. To learn more about the Kripalu Center, visit

Kathleen Snapper

Kathleen Snapper

Kathleen has been teaching at the Prana Center since 2014. She often begins class with a few moments of mindfulness meditation, and she may offer hands-on assistance in alignment during her class.

She began practicing power yoga with Shawn Shaw in Ashland in 2003. She had always been active in group fitness classes and martial arts but found a more peaceful, energetic feeling practicing yoga postures and making the connection with pranayama. 

When her children left for college, Kathleen decided to spend some time on self-discovery. Not sure what she should be doing in this next phase of life, she decided to quit her office job and register for a couple of college courses. She practiced yoga, meditation, and journaling and spent a semester working on a research project and looking at her world through a camera lens, taking many great photos. 

During this time of self-discovery, Kathleen began yoga teacher training and received her 200-hour RYT in Vinyasa Flow at H.Y.P. Studios in Needham with Jennifer Houghtaling and Alex Amorosi in 2013.

Kathleen continues to study yoga and meditation and recently completed additional training in Yin Yoga.

Sharon Broadley-Martin

Sharon Broadley-Martin

Sharon has taught in the fitness field for more than 20 years. She is a certified yoga instructor, specializing in Hatha Yoga practices, including Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga, Pranayam, and AquaYoga. Sharon also draws on her past certifications in fitness instruction, swim instruction, and weight room training to tailor any yoga class to serve her students’ needs. She loves to apply creative modifications that allow students to settle into their own personal practice safely. She is a huge fan of Kripalu, and grateful for the Kripalu teachings that Roberta has brought to The Prana Center. She has taken Roberta’s classes since 2004! Sharon continues to teach, work with a variety of ages and ability levels, and pursue more study in the therapeutic area of yoga.

Michele Proulx

Michele Proulx

Michele Proulx has been a student at the Prana Center for five years. Her commitment to the mat grew slowly over time. Realizing the health benefits of building flexibility, strength, balance, and a clearer mind, she eventually found she could not stay away. Michele recently retired after nearly 40 years in the printing industry and has refocused on Yoga. She just completed her 200-hour Teacher Training at the Kripalu Center in Stockbridge, MA, and looks forward to this new journey at the Prana Center. Michele lives in Natick and says, “Yoga is about community. I was welcomed into the Holliston community with open arms. I just want to give back and share my passion about Yoga with students.”